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Bayt, founded in 2000, is the Middle East and North Africa's premier job site, providing end-to-end employment solutions and career planning tools. Available in English, Arabic, and French, it connects job seekers with employers. With a strong commitment to the region, Bayt.com operates 11 regional offices and boasts 48.5 million professionals and 40,000 organizations on its platform. The company's mission is to empower people with the tools to build their desired lifestyles, making it a vital resource for job seekers and employers in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Great Place To Work

Great Place To Work
Great Place To Work is a global workplace culture authority that fosters exceptional work environments worldwide. Since 1992, they've surveyed millions globally to define great workplaces where employees trust their leaders, take pride in their roles, and enjoy collaborations. Their methodologies guide companies in building inclusive, innovative, and high-performing cultures. Renowned for their certifications and best workplace lists, Great Place To Work encourages organizations to prioritize employee experiences, effective leadership, and values, ensuring a conducive and rewarding work atmosphere for all.

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Great Place To Work


If you want to meet the key decision-makers of your industry and you want to showcase your product, technology or services in front of your target clients, all in one place, then Pronovea is just the perfect platform for you.

We help you in growing and securing brand recognition as well as solidifying strategic connections with a pertinent, reputable audience. Our custom sponsorship packages are designed to complement your marketing strategy, strengthen your brand, and deliver an ROI.

We bring together senior professionals from FTSE 500 companies to discuss and develop new methods of addressing market dynamics, promote in-depth interaction among leaders, and uplift your brand's visibility within the industry.

Our B2B conferences are an ideal way to put your organization in front of select, prestigious attendees and to strongly highlight your ideology. Our must-attend events give our partners a one-of-a-kind chance to present their solutions to potential clients.

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We help you grow the network you need and offer bespoke sponsorship packages to provide the most effective ways to showcase your brands.

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Would you like to be a keynote speaker? Increase exposure to your products, services, technology, and your market position. Present at a Pronovea conference and show your audience your advanced knowledge and expertise to become known as a top innovator in your industry.

reach your unique target audience

Showcase your brand and products to the key decision-makers you want to target. We bring together senior executives from various sectors of the industry in one place as it is an exceptional chance that shouldn't be missed.

increase roi

Expand your business connections, reach new companies, and build new relationships with market leaders. Through panel moderation, keynote speaking opportunities, branding marketing materials, and more. You will have direct access to decision-makers.


Our strategic focus is to bring together senior-level professionals, regulators, and key solution providers at our conferences. We enable a blend of formal and informal networking to deliver an engaging knowledge-sharing experience.